Green Velvet Lawns North Country

Green Velvet has always been proud to have used the softest and most effective products available. These include some organic and natural products that are implemented in various programs.

Professional Services

  • Certified Pruning
  • Fruit Tree Sprays
  • Ornamental Tree Service
  • Pest Control
  • Arborist On Staff
  • Organic Services
  • Fertilization & Weed Care
  • Aeration
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With Green Velvet’s on-hands maintenance, plant nutrition, and expert pruning your fruit quality will significantly increase. Correct watering, nutrition and thinning will significantly increase your fruit quality.


Our tree and shrub plant health care service consists of an inspection of all trees and shrubs (unless customer requests only certain trees and shrubs are serviced). A report is left with each service outlining what was done and needed recommendations.

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Green Velvet’s turf fertilizers contain slow release nitrogen to feed your lawn slowly over the season. Our technicians can inform you on how to maintain a lush green, weed-free lawn.

A healthy lawn needs to be fed at least three times a year and have a winter application in the fall to strengthen the root system over the winter. We only apply weed control where you have weeds.


Cores of soil are punched into the turf, increasing aeration and efficiency of water, air and nutrients. It is a good service for clay soil and helps to break up thatch buildup.

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Deep root feeding is an injection of nutrients in the root system of your plants. It is a slow release fertilizer with trace elements that increases root development, adds vigor and colour, helps your plant to better resist insects, disease and drought.


Mowing: Regular mowing allows the turf to achieve maximum density throughout the course of the year. In the summer months, raise your lawnmower to its highest setting to allow for 2.5 to 3 inch grass blades. This will help protect against heat. Under these conditions, turf will compete favorably with many common weed species, including common dandelion. Sharpen lawn mower blades regularly. A dull blade will leave grass tips looking ragged and off color.

Watering: Water in the early morning or early evening. One inch of water will moisten a 6-inch soil depth. This is the water required for turf grass for seven days, or three to four days in the summer heat.

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